Lancashire Sings Christmas – From Baubles to Bubbles

Lancashire Sings Christmas 17th December 2020 7pm  “From Baubles to Bubbles”            

 From the outset Lancashire Sings Christmas has encouraged the people of Lancashire to gather in social places such as pubs and shops, village halls, hospitals and nursing homes, even car parks. 

 Over the last few years we have encouraged Lancashire to be mindful of those who are unable to get out to these places because they are at home alone, limited by age, health or simply lack of transport and social support.  Over the years more and more church groups have been supporting the socially isolated and providing much needed company for perhaps the only Carol Service that some folk may be able to enjoy in the company of others.

 This year the impact of the Coronavirus Virus means that we cannot gather in the public places to sing, and so many more face the prospect of being home alone at Christmas.

 This year more than ever before we need to focus on the socially isolated for whatever reason and this year use the network of safe contacts to bring the joy of Christmas into each other’s homes and hearts.

 “From Baubles to Bubbles” is an invitation to tune into Lancashire Sings Christmas 2020 and to share this service of carols, readings, stories of hope and healing in the many safe Bubbles of contact that exist across the County.

 We may not be able to sing in public but we can join with everyone in Lancashire across the airways to lift our voices, and to open our hearts and our minds.  Pray we may all receive afresh the light and the joy of the Christ Child that God gives to the whole world walking in the darkness of these times.